Disable This Xiaomi Mi Browser Setting To Guard Privacy

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Disable This Xiaomi Mi Browser Setting To Guard Privacy

If you are a user of the Xiaomi Mi Browser pro app or the Mint Browser, you should enable a newly introduced privacy setting immediately to prevent the company from tracking on your online activities.

The new privacy setting now allows Mi Browser users to disable aggregated data collection feature while in Incognito Mode, but it bears noting that it’s not enabled by default. The option can be accessed by tapping the settings icon in the browser > Incognito mode settings > and then disable ‘Enhanced incognito mode,’ as shown in an attached screenshot below. 

Xiaomi Browser Settings

Mint Browser and Mi Browser Pro have been downloaded more than 15 million times from Google Play to date.

It is worth noting that enabling this option does not opt you out of the data collection while using the browser in normal mode (non incognito). There is no proper to disable data collection in normal mode.

The smartphone maker Xiaomi has begun rolling out this update to its Mi Browser/Mi Browser Pro and Mint Browser after reports came up over its practice of transmitting web browsing histories and device metadata to the company’s rented servers which are owned by Alibaba. 

According to a Forbes report (read here), the data the company collects contains the search engine queries submitted to Google and DuckDuckGo, information about the folders users open, screen navigation including status bar and settings menu. Rejecting the claim, Global VP Xiaomi and MD of Xiaomi India, Manu Kumar Jain released a detailed statement on twitter.  

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