WhatsApp to deactivate accounts of users who reject new terms

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WhatsApp to deactivate accounts of users who reject new terms

After 15th May, WhatsApp to deactivate accounts of users if they don’t accept the new terms which results in users not being able to send and receive messages from the app.

Move to other secure online messaging platforms if you are not ready to accept the new terms put in place by Facebook for its online messaging app WhatsApp, as the company is taking an aggressive stance towards its users who reject the new terms of WhatsApp and is giving a deadline for 15th of May.

According to TechCrunch, Facebook said in an email to one of its merchant partners, that users will not be able to send or receive messages from the app after 15th May if they don’t accept the new terms. Users will still be able to receive calls and notifications for a while before begin deactivated. As we know, an inactive account will automatically be deleted after 120 days.

The update to the app’s privacy policy was initially announced in January with 8th February as the deadline for users to accept it. However, after receiving huge backlash from users around the world on its new privacy practices, Facebook took a back step and moved the deadline to the month of May.

The free app which came into public as a privacy focused app with end to end encryption was quickly adopted by millions of people and became a primary option for messaging and long distance calls. However, shortly after being acquired by the tech giant Facebook in 2016, WhatsApp started sharing metadata (a very important part in the essence of big data) to its parent company, which earns most of its income from ad revenue.

Now with the new privacy policy, WhatsApp shares additional info about payments and transaction data in order for Facebook to serve more personalized ads.

Most of the users who are concerned about their data and privacy have already moved to better secure messaging apps like Signal, which was founded by the same founder who found WhatsApp after he quit Facebook. Signal app only has the record of user’s phone number and that too is not linked to user’s identity.

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