It’s Official! Toshiba sells off its computer business

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It’s Official! Toshiba sells off its computer business

In what can be marked the end of an era, Toshiba sells off its computer business to Sharp, which is owned by FoxConn.

Do you know that Toshiba was the first company to make the first mass market laptop in 1985? Yes, Toshiba was one of first companies along with IBM, Epson and Sharp to bring laptops to the consumer market. It was a 4.77 MHz Intel 80C88 that ran entirely from floppy disks (without a hard drive), had a 256kB RAM and a 640*200 monochrome LCD display with a price tag around US $1,899.

Toshiba T1100
Toshiba T1100 from 1985

In June 2018, Toshiba sold 80.1% of its laptop business, named Dynabook, to Sharp for US $36 million and now as per the share purchase agreement, the company transferred the remaining 19.9% of the outstanding Dynabook shares, in a call option exercised by Sharp. The value of the transaction is not known yet.

Toshiba, in a recent press release, confirmed the news that the transaction took place on 30 June 2020.

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