Spotify video podcasts announced worldwide

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Spotify video podcasts announced worldwide
Photo Credit: Spotify

Spotify fans can now connect better to creators with the new video podcasts feature. Spotify Video Podcasts feature was officially announced today on Spotify’s website.

Spotify video podcast feature will be available for all free and premium customers in all the markets where Spotify podcasts are supported. However, it is only available for select creators. It is a known fact that Spotify was testing their video podcast feature for sometime now.

Video podcasts build upon and enhance our existing audio experience, allowing Free and Premium users to connect more deeply with their favorite podcasts with video content. 

Spotify on the announcement of video podcasts

Spotify thinks that video is a complimentary feature to the audio experience. It allows users to actually listen to these video podcasts in the background, if they want to, even when the device is locked. Users can anytime switch back to watch video. It is important, however, to note that users will not be able to download the video content for offline viewing, only audio content download is permitted in the app.

The feature update will be rolling out today to all markets worldwide where podcasts are supported, so you may not see the feature immediately.

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