Google’s latest R & D is shoploop, a mobile video shopping platform

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Google’s latest R & D is shoploop, a mobile video shopping platform

Google is testing a video shopping platform, Shoploop, to help consumers spot a product, get expert reviews and buy, all in a single platform. Google latest experiment is a video shopping platform designed to introduce consumers to new products in under 90 seconds. The company today is launching Shoploop, a project from Google’s internal R&D division.

Consumers switching between different apps and websites while making a purchase triggered this new idea of interactive shopping. For example, users may find a product on Instagram, jump to YouTube to see a demo or tutorial, and then move to an e-commerce site to complete the purchase.

Of course, video shopping is not a novel idea. A number of startups, and even large companies, have already embraced a combination of video and commerce. That is to say, Shoploop hasn’t discovered a new, untapped trend. It’s simply joining in.

The shopping experience on Shoploop is interactive. Users don’t just scroll through images and text, but instead watch videos where creators show off things like  nail stickers, hair products or makeup. Finding more ways to engage online consumers could be beneficial to the internet giant, and this video-slash-influencer fueled shopping experience appeals to a younger demographic, in particular

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