TikTok’s UK headquarters in doubt amid pressure from US

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TikTok’s UK headquarters in doubt amid pressure from US

TikTok owner ByteDance, is reportedly in talks with the UK government about basing its HQ in London, though other cities may also be in its sights. But, recent developments from US government regarding consideration of banning TikTok has thrown pressure about the company future. There are chances for TikTok in US, if it splits from China and becomes an American company.

A spokeswoman for the Department for International Trade said: “ByteDance‘s decision on the location of their global HQ is a commercial decision for the company.” This comes at a time of already awaken tensions between the UK and China over the government’s recent decision to order the removal of Huawei’s 5G equipment from Britain’s mobile networks by 2027.

This may also lead to tit-for-tat type of economic war between the countries as China has form in targeting companies as a proxy for the countries that it is rowing with. Take Australia, which has blocked Huawei from its national infrastructure since 2012. China has recently banned some of its beef businesses and put tariffs on barley, designed to hit the country’s important agricultural sector.

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