SpaceX launched South Korea’s ANASIS-2

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SpaceX launched South Korea’s ANASIS-2

SpaceX launched South Korea’s military communications satellite ANASIS-2 using the Falcon 9 rocket, on 20th July at 5:30PM EDT. ANASIS stands for Army/Navy/Air Force Satellite Information System. The ANASIS-2 will operate in geostationary Earth orbit.

This was SpaceX’s 12th launch this year. The rocket’s first stage landed on the drone ship in Atlantic Ocean in less than 9 minutes after the liftoff.

Later once the payload got separated and deployed, SpaceX was able to catch both the fairing halves of the rocket without any damage. Fairing halves, both combined, form the front nose (cone part) of the rocket. These parts are worth around $6 million as quoted previously by Elon Musk. So, catching these parts undamaged increases the reusability and saves a lot of money for the company.

Watch the rocket fairing catch by a boat, as shared by Musk on Twitter.

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