Shocking Salaries of the 1983 Indian Cricket team

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Shocking Salaries of the 1983 Indian Cricket team

World Cup win in 1983 is truly historic to Indian Cricket and it changed the way Indians viewed the game since then. Cricket truly became a religion in India and made BCCI one of the richest sporting bodies in the world.

And, if you know the salaries of the 1983 Indian Cricket team that won the Cricket World Cup in 1983, you will surely be shocked. The salaries earned by Kapil Dev & Co. at that time were just a fraction of what cricketers are earning today.

As per what Makarand Waingankar, a famous cricket journalist, shared on a social media platform, the salary of each player in the World Cup winning team is Rs.1500 per one-day match and each player was paid a stipend of Rs.200 per day for 3 days. The salary and the stipend were same for the team manager, Bishen Singh Bedi.

Indian team 1983 salary

Inflation adjusted, the salary from 1983 will be less than Rs.25000 in today’s value. On the contrary, current players are getting paid around Rs.6 lakh per one-day match and Rs.15 lakh per test match. No doubt about the hard work and time they put in, current players should definitely thank Kapil & Co. for their fortunes.

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