Mozambique Militant Islamist’s behead more than 50′ people

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Mozambique Militant Islamist’s behead more than 50′ people

Mozambique woke to the news of militant Islamist’s beheading more than 50 people in two villages. The onslaught of Islamist’s has started in 2017 in Cabo Delgado province which is famous for its gas rich resources.

The militants are linked to the Islamic State (IS) group, giving it a foothold in southern Africa. The group has exploited poverty and unemployment to recruit youth in their fight to establish Islamic rule in the area. Many locals complain that they have benefited little from the province’s ruby and gas industries.

Villagers who tried to flee were caught, and taken to the local football pitch where they were beheaded and chopped to pieces in an atrocity carried out from Friday night to Sunday, privately-run Pinnancle News reported.

Mozambique’s government has appealed for international help to curb the insurgency, saying its troops need specialized training.

I know its not enlightened France but no one is talking about the gruesome attacks carried out on woman who indeed are abducted and people who are chopped into pieces. While, the whole world is talking about the elections carried out?

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