Ingenuity: NASA’S first shot helicopter ride over Mars?

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Ingenuity: NASA’S first shot helicopter ride over Mars?

NASA has a way of making history and for the first time that a human-made vehicle has ever flown on another world which could pave way to human hopes of exploring the Solar System in the future.

NASA is upping the ante with the spacecraft Perseverance by carrying a small payload small autonomous helicopter called Ingenuity, in a technological demonstration on Mars, the first step towards an extraterrestrial aircraft that can fly. A rover can only cover a few dozen kilometers over the course of several years, but future extraterrestrial drones like Ingenuity helicopter could easily cover that in a day. They could take aerial snapshots to help a rover plot the best path or collect samples and return them to a stationary lander for analysis.

Mars orbiters can’t get the high-resolution imagery that a spacecraft can get near the ground. Lander can only get information from a fixed location, while rovers can only move so far, with limited information about what lies ahead. But a helicopter can act as a scout, doing reconnaissance for other spacecraft or reaching hard to access areas.

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