Google’s new project “The MatchUp” is a dedicated sports hub

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Google’s new project “The MatchUp” is a dedicated sports hub

Google is launching The Matchup project which will feature the prime sports content with one subscription will give you access to content from newspapers across the US and Canada. With its latest local news initiative, Google wants to give sports fans the chance to read coverage from all of the best reporters who cover professional and college teams at local news, to that end the search giant is helping the Local Media Consortium, a group made up of local media companies

Initially, when reading about an upcoming game on your hometown news site, you will read stories from the opposing team’s local site too. If you want to read stories from the opposing team’s site, you won’t have to subscribe to their local news outlet to do so. “Soon, while continuing the content share, we will also launch a destination site specifically for The Matchup, which will showcase local sports news and columns covering all major pro and college teams in the United States and Canada,” informed Google.

“The Matchup” will be a part of existing sports pages on member sites and will have its own site in early 2021. The site will be free to anyone with a subscription to a participating local news site – and that will be the only way to access the wealth of information at The Matchup.

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