Get Ready For Plant Plastic

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Get Ready For Plant Plastic
Photo Credit: world-grains

Plant plastic will be produced from the sugars extracted from wheat, along with corn and beets.

Avantium, a biochemicals company in the Netherlands, hopes to make plastics from plant sugars rather than fossil fuels. 

Avantium have already won the support of beer-maker Carlsberg, Coca-Cola and Danone, which hope to secure the future of their bottled products by tackling the environmental damage caused by plastic pollution and a reliance on fossil fuels. 

The company expects to see the final product in consumer hands by 2023. The ground-breaking project will initially produce 5,000 tonnes of plastic every year using sugars made from the biowaste containing corn, wheat or beets.

Plant Plastic Way Better Than Microplastics

Globally around 300 million tonnes of plastic is made from fossil fuels every year, which is a major contributor to the climate crisis.

Microplastics can take hundreds of years to decompose completely. 

Trials have shown that the plant plastic would decompose in one year using a composter, and a few years longer if left in normal outdoor conditions.

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