Facebook CEO faces angry questions from employees

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Facebook CEO faces angry questions from employees

Mark Zuckerberg took questions from employees, many of whom have publicly voiced dismay that the Trump post, which seemed to threaten that looters would be shot, was still visible on Facebook’s service. Zuckerberg told workers that he and other members of the company’s policy team couldn’t justify saying that the message clearly incited violence, which means it didn’t break Facebook’s rules In other words, Zuckerberg stated that he will stick to his previous opinion of keeping away from making a political statement.

Subsequent to this internal call, two Facebook employees posted about resigning from the company. While these might only account for two resignations, the move underlines a uniform narrative of dissent that is taken Facebook over, internally.

Facebook’s messaging so far has been that it isn’t going to censor Trump’s post because people deserve the right to know. The post, as per his opinion, did not pose “imminent risk of specific harms or dangers”.With Facebook standing at the risk of setting a dangerous historic precedent, Zuckerberg’s talk of racial justice does not seem enough. Instead, it seems to play safe at a time when employees and users alike are clamoring for a strong stance from what is the world’s largest social media platform.

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