Cyclone Amphan update

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Cyclone Amphan update
Photo Credit: Twitter

Amphan pronounced as “UM-PUN”, means ‘Sky’. The name was given by Thailand in 2004, years ago. As per the latest, Cyclone Amphan update is that it has now developed into a super cyclone over the Bay of Bengal on Monday and has potential to cause extensive damage in the costal districts. This is the second super cyclone over the Bay of Bengal in two decades (since 1999). As of today, cyclone Amphan lay centered over west-central of Bay of Bengal, about 420km from south of Paradip in Odisha.

Indian officials said that up to 3,00,000 people in the costal areas of West Bengal and Odisha are in the immediate danger of storm. Normally, there is room in cyclone shelters for 5,00,000 people but because of social distancing rule due to corona virus epidemic, that number had been reduced by more than half to just 2,00,000.

“Reviewed the preparedness regarding the situation due to cyclone Amphan. The response measures as well as evacuation plans were discussed. I pray for everyone’s safety and assure all possible support from the Central Government.” shared Indian Primer Minister Narendra Modi, on his twitter handle.

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