Covid-19 infection linked stroke in healthy young people

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Covid-19 infection linked stroke in healthy young people

Young people with no risk factors for stroke may have an increased risk if they have contracted Covid-19, whether or not they are showing symptoms of the disease, a study suggests. The researchers examined 14 patients, of which eight patients were males and six were females. Half of them did not know they had the coronavirus while the remainder were already being treated for other symptoms of the disease when they developed stroke.

Some of the paper’s major points:

  1. Patients with signs of stroke were delaying coming to the hospital for fear of getting the coronavirus. There’s a small window of time in which strokes are treatable, so delays can be life threatening.
  2. The mortality rate in these Covid-19 stroke patients is 42.8%. The typical mortality from stroke is around 5 to 10%.
  3. 42% of the stroke coronavirus positive patients studied were under the age of 50. Most strokes, over 75% of all strokes in the US, occur in people over the age of 65.
  4. The incidence of coronavirus in the stroke population was 31.5%, according to this sample of patients.
  5. Patients observed had stroke in large vessels, in both hemispheres of the brain, and in both arteries and veins of the brain – all of these observations are unusual in stroke patients.

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