Could low-carbs diet prevent Covid-19 complications?

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Could low-carbs diet prevent Covid-19 complications?

Day-by-day Covid-19 situation is getting worsen in many countries across the globe, researchers are leaving no stone unturned to find potential solutions to fight the disease. An article published in a medical journal suggested that a low-carbs diet could improve metabolic health and reduce the risk of coronavirus complications. But experts say avoiding processed foods is more important for metabolic health.

A healthy diet whether it’s low carbs, Mediterranean, or DASH can support a healthy immune system, but no specific diet has been found effective in fixing the health problems linked to worse COVID-19 in the short term.

So, processed foods should be avoided during any time of the year. If you have excluded the processed foods, it makes little difference whether you stick to a low-carbs or a low-fat diet since both can be equally effective for maintaining a healthy weight and metabolism – the experts noted.

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