Why Gym may Not be the #1 Answer to Healthy Aging?

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Why Gym may Not be the #1 Answer to Healthy Aging?

I see it all the time, people think to be healthy you have to work out for hours at a gym, play sport, do treadmill, dieting, etc…but hitting gym for hours may not be the #1 answer to healthy aging.

Well this might shed some light on that. 

Have you heard about a small greek island in the Eastern Aegean called Ikaria? People there outlive almost everyone else on the planet !! Many inhabitants live well into their 90s and beyond, outwitting cancer, heart diseases, and dementia. Elderly people still do physical work, and they don’t complain of backaches or knee pain. Yet none of them would have ever gone to a gym….

Part of their secret is their traditional diet, rich in fresh vegetables and olive oil. But an actually large factor in their success is that they are very friendly, happy, and always available for each other. Together they MOVE so much and move in a way that we as a species adapted to move…. Walking over terraced hills, squatting to tend gardens or to pick greens, carrying heavy loads, even climbing trees. 

Ikarians Secret to Healthy Aging

What can we learn from the Ikarians? If you’re wanting to live a long life and becoming a healthier and happier you, you’ll want to learn how to incorporate some kind of perceptive to lead life happy, friendly, and kind.

After training nearly 3000 people around the world,  I understood that we all want wealth, success, health, love, and happiness. But due to the rush in our mind, overusing the logical brain (left hemisphere), and giving more physical comforts we develop stress, selfishness, and depression. Now the intelligence is to keep a balance of prosperity, love, and happiness. 

If at all you are feeling imbalanced, don’t worry, there are some simple and practical techniques to keep you happy again, bring more love within, improve your movement and mobility practice in your own day – and fit that practice into your current lifestyle (even if, you don’t happen to live on a Greek island), which can lead to healthy aging.

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— Deepak (Art of Living Trainer)

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