10 Common Dating App Mistakes Most People Do

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10 Common Dating App Mistakes Most People Do

These days many people are using dating apps. Tinder alone makes 40 million matches are made per day worldwide. There is a lot of competition and pressure to have your profile just right. The more help you can get, the better, so take a lesson from some of the most common profile mistakes people make on dating apps. Hinge, OkCupid, TrulyMadly, Bumble, Tinder, The League, Facebook Dating and we could go on. There’s no shortage of dating apps out there. While there’s no shame in the online dating game, check out what the pros say are the ten most common dating app mistakes.

Profile with unclear information

It doesn’t matter how attractive you look in your pictures, if you haven’t written a single word then people question what you’re doing on there.So it doesn’t take much. Short description is barely enough. You can write about what you do for a living, hobby, travel. Literally anything is better than no words at all.

More swiping time

No matter your app of choice, limit yourself to 15 minutes a day and spend your free time by just going out and socializing activities where you’ll be meeting, interacting with people.

Poor Profile Picture

People are making a snap decision, so if you’re too far away, or if you’re blurry, they will swipe left on you regardless of what you look like. So people need to see your face. The first photo should always be one of your face, people will know for sure what you look like. So no more pictures of you looking off to the side.

Full Body Image

People want to see a full body picture because when assumptions are made they’re usually not the most favourably assumptions. Don’t let them make those assumptions.

Remove Sunglasses

While you might feel that sunglasses gives you an edgier look, they hide one of your most important assets are your eyes. Researchers suggest that Wearing sunglasses in a profile picture tends to decrease users’ chances of Swipe Rights by 15 percent. Eyes are very engaging and help determine whether or not someone is trustworthy. By covering them up with glasses, a match may not be able to evaluate their trustworthiness.

Boring Conversation

If the person has given you something in their profile to reference, either that message about picture, or something interesting written, just ask a question about it. Let us say someone has a picture of them playing sports you can ask them do you compete or do you play for fun. It’s simple, all you have to do is pick one thing and ask about it, and that’ll start the conversation.

Too many pictures

If you’re a woman looking for a man, or vice versa, you should avoid having pictures with people of the opposite sex. It’s very intimidating. Same applies for too many group pictures. You might think it shows how sociable as well as fun you are, but really the person on the other end is just getting tired with trying to work out who you are.

Wearing light colors in photos

Dating apps found that 72 percent of users wear a neutral color like black, navy, beige or white in their primary photo. Researcher says this won’t get the attention better Stand out and shine with a bright colors.

Over chat by Text

Even exchanging numbers before meeting up can be a bad idea, because once you start texting you lose the urgency.It’s important that you don’t remain in the virtual world for too long, cautions . Move into an in-person meeting, not only to make sure you’re not being cat fished, but also to see if you have a real connection. So if someone asks for your number, you could say: Can we catch up soon?

Unsure about the app

Ask yourself if you’re looking to hook up or if you really want to meet a life partner. If it’s the latter, you need to focus and not just sift through endless pictures. Look at apps as a tool that you can optimize by being clear about what you want, and be specific with your search. Which means setting tight geographic boundaries, a realistic age range, and all that other criteria.

Let us know in the comments section below if you have anything to add or how do you feel about these 10 common dating app mistakes. And finally, don’t forget to check the best dating apps for 2020.

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