Yummy Aromatic Chicken Biryani

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We all crave for a one pot healthy savory dish which can satisfy our taste buds and gives us health benefits. Chicken Biryani is one such dish which is made…

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Instant Potato Stuffed Idli

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Idli is a very famous south-indian dish we often come across. If you have left over idli batter or potato stuff, then you can try using stuffed potato idli. You…

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Semolina | Suji | Rava Halwa

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Semolina halwa is a famous recipe made for festivals. Rava or suji halwa is super easy and tasty to make. Though rava or semolina remains the key ingredient. In some…

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Dhansak: A Parsi cuisine

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Think Parsi food, think dhansak. As the name goes dhnasak is interesting fusion of vegetables and grains. A healthy recipe with lots of nutrients dhansak, is basically made with meat…

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Perugu pulusu: Traditional Andhra recipe

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Famously called sorakaya perugu pulusu (bottle gourd), this recipe is made in every home in Southern India. Though sorakaya perugu pulusu recipe is from my ancestral house, my mother makes…

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